Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 12, 2017

The Moons In Leyland

You might recall how WLR reported that “The Tory borough councillor and county aspirant Paul Greenall seems to have become somewhat ironic with his tweet that a “Labour Cllr Lives in Tarleton; represents a Borough Ward in Skelmersdale; now wants t o represent Leyland @ County Hall !!”. And also “After all of which we ask is Greenall complaining about a West Lancashire Borough resident representing a West Lancashire Borough Ward and a South Ribble constituent possibly representing a South Ribble County Division? Perhaps he hopes to see Labour shades of Moonitis?”

Well, Paul Moon and his wife might have been canvassed at one of his declared  homes when “Four @LancsLabour candidates  out together in Leyland this morning [11 March] supporting @Gayow55”. This  was Moon’s declaration and this  [click pics to enlarge] is the electoral roll both of which confirm one Moon or the other living and possibly voting in Leyland. What a tangled web is woven in local politics?


  1. Partisan political tweets have a habit of rebounding. When are you going to tweet about Paul Moon, Mr Greenall? No, thought not.

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