Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 9, 2017

Oh Dear!

West Lancashire Wally as leader of his local party seems to have had an “Oh dear” moment as his website publishes this “Chancellor Philip Hammond presented a Budget for the United Kingdom that helps us make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s a budget that keeps our economy strong as we begin to leave the EU, by continuing to control public spending  but seems to have forgotten this . Oh dear!



  1. Yet another lie from Camoron. That said, the Tories are a party of nastiness, so this hardly comes as a shock. Ironic how that must have been one of Camoron’s last pledges before plunging the country into massive uncertainty with the Brexit referendum, before ducking quickly into obscurity to avoid the repercussions, conveniently as his investmen/tax affairs came to light, however not before boxing off his wife’s fashion adviser with a gong. Wally’s website is typically torily misleading-“keeping the economy strong”? Yeah right. Tell the truth- under the tory watch, this country’s debt has spiralled out of control. Tories. Thoroughly nasty and entirely untrustworthy.

    • What’s also amazing is the “salary” or is it “donation” of Osborne’s mammoth reported £650,000 from a fund management firm for part time work!

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