Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 9, 2017

Coming To West Lancashire Soon?

A reliable witness at the Cuadrilla Lancashire fracking site  last week has accused police officers of trying to provoke the demonstrators. Two local councillors have been injured. Independent Cllr Lloyd from Fylde hit his head when he was pushed to the ground last week. Cllr Cox of Kirkham suffered leg pain when she was pushed and fell last Wednesday. A woman next to her was knocked unconscious. “They shoved us and that knocked us. My leg went from under me. There was a loud crack and I went down. I got up and there was a lady lying unconscious at my feet” .

And in a local report to the Halsall Parish Council (HPC) meeting last night Lancashire police were described as using the “kettling”  of some peaceful protestors which causes deep concern for the increasing criminalisation of protest. Who could accept that by choosing to express political dissent people automatically volunteer away their rights to protection by police and not from them?

The HPC received an amazing report of how and where fracking will affect West Lancashire, which is now wholly covered by the PEDL licences. Can you imagine Martin Mere Wetlands   with flares burning off waste gases while birds are migrating nearby?

Tesla, the Alfreton firm which undertakes seismic surveys including those at Halsall has called in an administrator and made eight people redundant. Tesla Exploration International said the company’s cash flow came under severe pressure due to the receivership of the Canadian parent company and downturn in demand for the company’s services given the wider challenging conditions in the oil and gas sector.

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