Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 5, 2017

Not So Smart Meters

Being a constant opponent of regular pleas to have a “Smart” meter installed now as it will be a requirement by 2020, I feel somewhat vindicated by what’s in the news today.

One of the big 6 energy suppliers asks  sse and it seems some people do use sse as the company claims “Switch energy supplier to SSE and join millions of other happy customers”. It also claims you can “Manage your account balance, pay bills and give a meter reading online. This means smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you’re using. They take readings up to every half-hour and send them to us automatically. This means we shouldn’t need to estimate your bills”. Sounds good? Take a look at this SSE Smart Meter tweet ssetweeters and this one toossetweetand a related remark too “Think my SSE Smart Meter for energy and gas may be having slight problems! Either that [or] a neighbour has started nicking my leccy or gas”. Perhaps sse should now trade as asses?

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