Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 4, 2017

Police Involved In Bum Arrest

As a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator I receive some police messages that might be better kept confidential. The message below is an example from yesterday.

“In the early hours of this morning a burglary occurred at residential premises in Preston. The thieves had gained entry to the home, located the vehicle keys and used these to steal the car that was parked outside.

“The stolen vehicle was spotted by patrolling officers in our Division (East) and a pursuit began. The officers remained ‘in contact’ with the vehicle until it suddenly stopped in Bancroft Road, Burnley and the two occupants quickly de-camped and fled on foot.

“The shift Inspector had reacted to the pursuit and was there when the vehicle was abandoned. Wanting to show his officers how it is done, the Inspector ran after the thieves but unfortunately ran past the back of the Police Dog Van just as the dog was being released policedog…a painful lesson for him and a source of amusement for his staff!

“The two burglars were arrested a short distance from the abandoned car and are now, ‘assisting with enquiries’.

“An inflatable ring cushion has been found for the Inspector when he returns to duty later today”.

Take care/Stay safe.

Watch Liaison Officer
Lancashire Constabulary

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