Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 3, 2017

Wally Westley’s Latest Election Letter

Wally Westley is seeking election to the county council in May in a different division to the one he currently holds, having been decisively rejected from it by his own party colleague Paul Greenall. Imagine that! As WLBC opposition “leader into oblivion” he’s now having to oppose Cllr Nikki Hennessy, in Ormskirk, a daunting task as she is remembered as slaying the current Tory Association Deputy Chairman Political decisively in Knowsley ward in 2015, a result enjoyed by many.

Anyway, Wally wrote to the Champion, read it here champs0303-001 [click to read] and what does he bitch about but Cllr Hennessy “Rather than trying and failing to score political points…” which, dear readers, is what every letter from every aspiring party political county councillor in the next ten weeks or so will contain. Noticeable by absence in Wally’s letter is the cause of what WILL occupy the minds of voters in May, central government austerity that’s depleting our services while increasing our local taxes prior to the bankruptcy of the County.

I fear the consequences of such long campaigning will be slanging matches in similar letters that will not address truly serious matters affecting us all. Short of bribing the Champion editor to ban such letters, hibernation seems such an attractive thought?

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