Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 3, 2017

OWLs Swooping On Dodgy Donation?

OWLs owl are claiming foul against Labour. They claim on their Facebook “You’d guess this money nikkidosh  was from Nikki Hennessy and the Labour party right? Wrong – it’s our money as taxpayers. Quite wrong for a county councillor to use this positive award of funds to a great local community organisation for political purposes in this way”.


  1. A Labour cheque! Bloody cheek even from the mistress of such stunts, Nikki Hennessy and to put The Civic in such a position? No awareness, only the relentless urge to get her bum back on the leather at county hall.

    • Isn’t that what all candidates are doing? Letters in the Champion, donations of public money made to look like party dosh, what’s the betting there will be all sorts of grandstanding for weeks to come?

  2. Don’t depress me, it’s the weekend!

    • OK, have a couple of glasses of brandy and things might look better through an alcoholic haze?

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