Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 3, 2017

Dodgy Political Party Donors

The Electoral Commission has just published how much the tycoons, businesses and bankers have spent on buying influence over political parties in the UK. But the report only tells part of the story, told by Unlock Democracy. unlock

“Aside from the usual suspects wealthy businessman splashing cash on the Conservatives, and a few trade unions providing most of Labour’s donations, we’ve just found out the Liberal Democrats received an enormous £1m donation from Gregory Nasmyth, one of the UK’s richest people.

“Wealthy people dominating politics makes us all angry – but if you have cash to splash, there’s plenty of ways people can hide their identity altogether, or get around the need to actually live here before filling the pockets of their favoured party.

“So today we’ve published our How to be a Dodgy Party Donor pamphlet dodgydonor– a tongue-in-cheek guide to all the loopholes in the party funding system. It sheds light on the network of unincorporated associations, limited companies, and conveniently overpriced party conference packages, that allow millionaires to stop their names from being published by the Electoral Commission, or get around pesky residency requirements.

“Political influence shouldn’t be available for sale – politicians have a duty to represent the views of their constituents, not dodgy donors. We can only take on the millionaires together”.

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