Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 3, 2017

A Genuine Letter From Mrs A M Peterson Of Aughton

On January 19th we published a copy of a letter to the Champion from “Mrs Peterson of Aughton”. It was, as we suggested, one of three letters containing charges of Nimbyism written to the Champion newspaper and all appearing in the same edition, complete with terminal and illogical inexactitudes. Didn’t the Champion note the similarities and smell a rat, as we did?

But now Mrs A M Peterson has written, from Aughton, to the Champion. It’s copied here, champonfri1-001 click it to read.

It’s self explanatory and it raises issues of interest to us all. Like assumptions wrongly made, and how so many other people were apparently “prevented” from “giving their views” by not being asked. But at least Mrs A M Peterson can sleep with a clear conscience, which is more than “details supplied” can do? A friend suggests the “Aughton residents details supplied” could be a “black ops” blackops3601boxart_160w exercise by the developers’ PR departments to counter opposition while creating positive spin on the proposed developments. It would come as no surprise as they have waited for a very long time to get their hands on this fine agricultural land that would yield vast profits to their shareholders while the infrastructure becomes even more imbalanced than it is already. But with five useless councillors of a party that voted it into the Local Plan what chance does Aughton have of retaining its identity?

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