Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 28, 2017

Rosie Cooper On Builders Who Ignore Home Flooding Prevention

A major problem for homeowners when flooding occurs is the return into their homes of sewage and foul water from whence it was sent after flushing. It doesn’t need rocket science to solve it, just a “bog” standard non return valve multiflapvalve fitted when the house is built, cost £40! It also stops vermin entering your home too!

The problem was discussed in Parliament yesterday and the Minister Therese Coffey said “ I also met several other people who have not spoken in today’s debate to discuss the challenges of flooding in their areas, including Rosie Cooper therese_coffey_defrarosie, who now wants to intervene”.

Rosie Cooper MP “Will the Minister look at the major builders, such as Redrow redrowbrick? They connect new homes into the system knowing that they should include one-way valves and so on, but they do not. That causes the system to flood, leading to water bill payers paying the cost. Developers should be paying the bill, not putting new homes at risk”.

Minister “The hon. Lady speaks with passion on this matter because it has affected properties in her constituency. I stress to her and to my right hon. Friend John Redwood that the Environment Agency does work with local councils. The guidance for new developments in the national planning policy framework is clear. Not only has the Environment Agency’s advice been accepted in 98% of applications, but there is a clear duty to consider the risk to existing housing stock. I am aware of the specific situation to which Rosie Cooper refers, and I have passed it on to the Department for Communities and Local Government so that it can consider how to make things clear both in planning permission and in planning enforcement”.

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