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Verb; Mooning; 1…to expose one’s buttocks mooningpumpkins to someone in order to insult or amuse them 2…to move from one area to another 30 miles apart while holding two council seats and claiming two full time allowances 3…to vote to support charges for green waste collections in one borough while opposing such charges in the other borough 4…to be unaware of and unable to recognise the duty of selflessness, that holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest rather than the allowances payable.

Cat Smith catsmith the MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency that includes Preesall ward in Wyre has called on Cllr Paul Moon to resign the ward seat after she received complaints from some of her Preesall constituents who told her they deserve a full time local councillor who doesn’t split his time juggling commitments on two borough councils.

We have obtained the details of her extraordinary request to Moon to decide which council he represents. The Press Release is copied here cat22702-001, followed by the formal Parliamentary Letter here cat2702-001 [click both to read]. She writes explicitly about the feelings of her constituents, the policy inconsistencies, the conflict of interests, the motivation of joint allowances of over £9,000, and perhaps most of all the perception of his activities and the disservice he does to those who go into local politics.

What Cat Smith MP doesn’t say is equally important, that the West Lancashire Conservative Association leadership has remained silent since Moon’s candidature and election and is complicit in his part-time involvement in West Lancashire’s interests. It is an insult to the integrity of our own councillors while demonstrating the depths the Conservative Association reached and we can only wonder if this arrangement will lead to others following the Tory precedent. NB It was also reported that Cat Smith MP sent letters to Cllr Moon at both his addresses listed on both council websites.


  1. “If the prudence of reserve and decorum sometimes dictates silence, at others prudence of a higher order may justify speaking” so said Edmund Burke, a philospher beloved of Conservatives. Perhaps our local Conservatives would best heed this advice before their continuing silence condemns them too?

    • I think he also said something that reminded us of “the threat to society from rampant individualism” which they might also heed too?

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