Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 24, 2017

Where Now For 31,000 Green Bins?

The very experienced Borough Cllr Paul Greenbinall, elected in 2001, is unaware of what will happen to our unwanted green bins after the Labour charges are introduced. He tweets “Labour’s ‘bins tax’ in West Lancashire assumes only 35% of the 48,000 homes will opt in. What will happen to the 31,000 unwanted green bins?”

“The Council needs to save around £1.44 million in its 2017/18 budget. A wide range of measures that will not impact on residents have previously been approved by the Council, but more still needs to be done. At its meeting on 19 October 2016, the Council agreed to introduce an annual charge of £30 to collect garden waste along with a charge of £25 per year per bin to have an extra green bin emptied. When the charge is introduced this year, residents will be able to choose whether or not they wish to use the Council’s garden waste service. If they do not wish to pay the charge they do not have to use our service and can dispose of their garden waste by other appropriate and legal means image1-1. Each household that pays the charge will have its garden waste bin labelled so our collection teams will know it is to be emptied. There will not be any discounts or exemptions to the green bin collection charge”.

Cllr Greenbinall should know better than most that this will mean a write-off of huge sums of money invested in green bins a few years after his election, and then the ongoing replacement costs. At approximately £18 per wheelie bin in 2005, the purchase cost for 36,000 households (plus 2 – 4,000 ‘spares’) would be around £648,000 to £720,000. He must surely remember the use of the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation for buying wheelie bins in bulk? He must also remember how the total cost per annum of the wheelie bin service in 2005 was £1,249,400? If he can’t he should look back at the Council Meeting of Wednesday, 29th June, 2005 for details, Cllr Greenbinall attended.

The 31,000 green bins will probably be written off. It’s a loss of £558,000 at 2005 prices, but while WLBC offers replacements at £23, current prices suggest £39 a bin, a comparable loss now of £1,209,000. Waste management is an expensive business for council tax payers, even including those who don’t have gardens and green waste!

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