Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 24, 2017

Independent Talking Points

Independent councillors are wielding influence on our behalf at the county. They do so because of the “no single party majority” there. An independent councillor chaired a committee that saved many local bus services. The latest OWL Talking Point dropped through letter boxes today informs us of what political whips don’t think we need to know. See the comments here owlind2402-001 and here owlind2402-002 [click to read]. Free meal allowances for county councillors, first class travel, party whips allowances,  party secretary allowances, all paid by you while council tax rises. They don’t talk about them, they just take them, picking your pockets to do so, like Majority Group Secretary and Whip each receiving £4,343, and Opposition Whip and Secretary each receiving £2,959, and all are percentages of what the Leaders get. Why? 


  1. Well done to the Independents, who are not controlled by a party whip and work for residents . I am glad we have an independent on WLBC , hopefully more soon .

    • The next opportunity for another independent might be in May. If Cllr Greenall is elected to LCC he’s going to resign his WLBC seat as he doesn’t believe in two hatting. Could be interesting?

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