Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 23, 2017

Councillor Allowances

Just catching up with some news from Full Council last night. Cllr Dowling dowling tweets “I just voted to not increase councillors allowances. Most voted with me, one councillor didn’t. #Greedy”. Hopefully the vote was recorded and the greed of “the one” will be exposed?


  1. Why did you vote for Green bins to be charged despite 83% of residents voting against this ? The budget could have been balanced without this.

    • Presumably you are asking Cllr Dowling this question? In which case you might as well look at virtually every consultation held by our borough council on any subject, and invariably you will find a similar response, the public majority ignored. It went on and on for the Tory years and it will go on for the Labour years too. There is a duty for the council to consult, but seemingly not a duty for council to accept the majority view. Which is a shame on politicians of both parties. But then we do have some shameful situations, like the councillor allowances that should be cut, the number of councillors that should be cut, a Wyre councillor being part-time here but claiming full allowances from both councils. Perhaps we need to hold binding local referenda, costly but effective?

  2. Can councillors please represent the views of their constituents , that’s why we vote them in . It’s not happening !

    • And never will happen. There are 54 councillors, and only one independent. The rest are party political.

  3. I haven’t caught up on the budget yet, but did Labour councillors vote to keep the largest allowances in Lancashire while making people pay £30 to have their green bin emptied?

    • Yes!

      • Thank you – westlancashirerecord. You help us keep up with the motley crew at Derby Street.

      • Thanks. Privately I’ve been told that “You make reference to an ‘independent’, there are no independent councillors on West Lancashire Borough Council, this is a fact, to refer to any councillor on West Lancashire Borough Council as an independent is a lie”. How sad it is to be called a liar, like when Cllr Westley accused us in Aughton of telling lies door to door.

  4. Take heart. Those who shout the word liar the loudest are usually those from whom untruth most frequently emanates.

    • Thanks, and you are right, of course it is also said that those who shout the loudest have the most to hide.

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