Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 23, 2017

Council Gossip Including Cllr Currie In Nappies?

rumour-mill According to council gossip it seems that the motion to council last night on green bins was mired in legal discussions about whether the green bin motion could be brought forward, leading to a lengthy discussion taking place. It’s reported that Cllr Currie was very rude by heckling Cllr Wilkie to sit down while he was speaking! Goodness me, has Cllr Currie grown a pair?

Cllr Currie wasn’t finished with that. My sources suggest Cllr Currie couldn’t resist a dig or two at Halsall Cllr Maureen Mills. Seems he’d spoken to residents in Haskayne and Halsall about green bins and therefore looked forward to seeing how Cllr Mills voted on their budget! Apparently Cllr Mills waved to him when she raised her hand against it. Not sure if she might have raised a finger as well? No, too lady-like?

No surprise then on my source hinting Cllr Mills suggested Cllr Curry was still in nappies when she and Cllr Marilyn Westley used to attend the PACT meeting in Haskayne as Parish Councillors! And on she asking Cllr Currie “whether we ever see police where we are” there was no comment from him. It seems the speech by Cllr Kay in which he said the police had loads of money but wouldn’t spend it was considered “strange”. Cllr Greenall voted with Labour and OWL on Police. As for Cllr Currie, we must look forward to reading his manifesto for the Skelmersdale Central LCC seat in May, or perhaps not!

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