Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 22, 2017

What St Paul Said

Cllr Paul Greenall is one of a dying breed of Derby ward Tory councillors, in fact the last of the species. And in May he will disappear too if he wins the LCC Division he’s contesting. Perhaps he’s demob happy, as he adopts some colourful language in his tweets, as shown below. But on one subject Greenall remains silent, as he sits on the Tory council benches with Cllr Paul Moon, surely a man to be avoided according to the Gospel of St Paul?

“If the Lords play silly buggars & try anything stupid, they should be abolished”.

“A fan…bloody…tastic moment!!”

In 2016 decent ordinary people like us gave the pro-EU Westminster village a kick up the backside, and they deserved it!!

“Labour Cllr Lives in Tarleton; represents a Borough Ward in Skelmersdale; now wants to represent Leyland @ County Hall!”

“We should politely tell the EU to get stuffed !!”

“According to @LancashireCC, in May 2015 48 out of 84 County Cllrs were ‘dual-hatted’ (i.e. Borough & County Cllrs)! #iWon’tDoThis #Paul4WLE”

“I’m seeking the Tory nomination 4 the West Lancashire (East) County Council seat for 2017. It’s where I live & it deserves better!” [Than Wally is giving it!]

“In 2-tier Local Government shires, no-1 should be a Borough & County Councillor @ the same time”.

“People should not sit on 2 Local Councils @ once. If I become a Tory County Councillor next May I’ll resign my Borough Council seat”. Perhaps he recalls his own treatment when he was called a moron sweetmoron?

So why the lack of colourful advice for Cllr Moon? Might a short “sod-off” suffice, or has he something else in mind?


  1. “People should not sit on 2 Local Councils @ once” If that’s his tweet then he must by rights say something publically re: Moon.

    • Agreed, and let’s be honest, Moon was inflicted on this borough from South Ribble Conservative Association, not for his outstanding ability other than to collect double allowances. It is shameful of Cllr Greenall to make these tweets while blandly ignoring Moon. But then again he’ll be party whipped by Westley, perish the thought?

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