Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 22, 2017

The True Folly Of Wally

In October 2016 OWL Adrian Owens adrian1 asked Wyre and WLBC Councillor Moon “On 3 March 2016, you voted at Wyre Council for the council budget and IN FAVOUR of a £30 charge for green waste collection. On 19 October 2016, you voted at West Lancashire Borough Council AGAINST the introduction of a £30 charge for green waste collection! Exactly where do you stand on these issues and how can the electors of Hesketh with Becconsall have confidence in what you say on these issues at any moment in time?”.

No answer, of course. But tonight the WLBC budget will be presented and agreed. And right in the middle of it will be a hassle over charging for green waste collections. So our immediate response is to ask Wally Westley will his spokesperson on green waste collection be Councillor Moon moonbin? Why not, he’s clearly thought a lot about it? Well, about as much as he’s thought “where DO I live”.

The Conservative Budget demonstrates how the books can be balanced without increasing council tax, charging for green waste collections and making cuts to important frontline services. Cllr. David Whittington, the Conservative finance spokesperson, says “Labour have already agreed to impose a yearly charge of £30 for green waste collections and are likely to increase council tax by up to 1.99% both of which are unnecessary for a balanced budget.”

Added Wally Westley Conservative Group Leader “We are prepared to meet with the Labour members to discuss our proposals and seek to agree a Budget that has cross party support. However, I fear this is the same old Labour Party that can never do anything but slash frontline services and charge more. I appreciate that Labour continue to be distracted by their internal party squabbling over Corbyn’s leadership and Brexit but it is inexcusable that they have failed to come up with any ideas or initiatives to improve the efficiency of the Council.

“The previous Conservative Administration, by working in partnership with Lancashire County Council and Wigan Council together with improved efficiency, saved well over £5m or 35% of the annual budget while at the same time preserving frontline services [Like concessionary travel?].

“The £30 charge for Green Waste Collections is a regressive measure as it takes no account of a homeowner’s ability to pay. It also equates to a massive 16% increase in Council Tax for a Band D property or 21% for someone receiving the single occupant discount. Why did Labour bother to go through a costly public consultation exercise and then completely ignore the overwhelming 83% who voted were opposed to the charge?”.

I suppose we might just as well ask why did Conservatives consult on the abolition of concessionary travel for elderly and disabled residents and then completely ignore them? History can never be obliterated, even by Wally!

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