Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 20, 2017

Cllr Moon Error Of Judgement

Readers will remember how in January 2011 Wyre Councillor and cabinet member Paul Moon threw a dog waste bag at Irene Horner in a public meeting, after which Wyre council said Mr Moon recognised it was an “error of judgement”. He resigned from his role as Street Scene Coordinator, but remains a local Wyre councillor for Preesall and now of course at Hesketh-with-Becconsall too!

The waste bag actually contained rolled bread to imitate dog poo, and having lost his £10,200 a year salary for being a Cabinet member it was said at the time, perhaps he should have used his loaf instead!

But Moon might be making a comeback, this time into the West Lancashire Borough Council cabinet IF the Tories regain power. Unbelievably, Wally Westley has included Moon in his Shadow cabinet wallycabinet-001 [click to read] and his function is for HRA, Human Resources and Partnerships.

Perish the thought that Moon might ever be paid another £4,178 for local cabinet duties, but scraping the barrel bottom-of-barrel is a necessity of the local Conservatives under Wally Westley?


  1. I think Moon got his position after the last Shadow Cabinet (preposterous name for such a group by the way) reshuffle in the autumn. That was when Paul Greenall was knifed as Deputy Leader for having the temerity to have David Westley de-selected as county council candidate for West Lancashire East.

    • History repeated itself then, as Adrian Owens had the temerity to win the Leadership only to be knifed by pro-Westleyites. Which has done independence in this borough a big favour. Time for Tory members to drain their own swamp? Imagine it, no place for Eddy McCarthy, the ever willing candidate with local interests at heart, dumped for poo bag Moon of all people!

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