Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 19, 2017

Paul Greenall Electioneering Latest

Borough Cllr Greenall is electioneering for the LCC West Lancashire East division in May. He’s been to Aughton Park station and raised what his fellow useless Tory councillors for Aughton Park haven’t bothered about before. He asked “Why doesn’t the Aughton Park @merseyrail station have a lift, like others on the Northern Line?” greenallaughtonpark We can clear that up quite quickly. Despite being in West Lancashire, Aughton Park station might just as well be on the moon, because it’s in the Transport Authority for passenger transport services including rail, and that’s provided by Merseytravel for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. And they can and do discriminate against West Lancastrians by hiding behind the Rail Franchise. In this case they break the law by discrimination against wheelchair users, for example.

So where do Merseytravel funds come from? Merseytravel needed £320,000,000 in 2015/2016 and they got a significant sum from the Department of Transport ie central taxation to cover the Merseyrail concession to add to passenger fares and tunnel revenues. That still left a levy requirement on the five individual authorities of circa £105,000,000 for 2015/2016. To quote the Sefton figures as our near neighbours they needed to pay £20,724,000.

Converting that into council tax based on 100% of each household occupancy coverage means a band D House Precept of £1,370 including £127.88p annually for the transport levy, or £2.46p a week for the off peak concession every day of the week. So here’s a question for Cllr Greenall. A retired Aughton or Ormskirk couple decide to go by train off peak return to Liverpool but at a combined cost of about £10 day saver all zones they can’t afford it. Why can’t Cllr Greenall negotiate a deal with Cllr Robinson of Merseytravel whereby West Lancashire’s elderly and disabled residents pay that £2.46 on production of our “free bus pass” which is useless without buses? It’s a win-win for Merseytravel, off peak on empty trains!

mrail Merseyrail “Sorry about this, Paul. I will feedback your comments, as we are always looking to improve our stations. ^SV”

 Greenall “Many thanks, look forward to your reply. Would be great if you could help”

mrail Merseyrail “One of the factors we consider is passenger usage, if you need further detail you can email ^SV”

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