Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 17, 2017

Fresh Questions For West Lancashire Councillor Paul Moon

Fresh questions are being asked by local independent party Our West Lancashire owllogo about Wyre/West Lancashire councillor “two hats different policies” Paul Moon as serious doubts have emerged on whether he resides at his stated address in Hesketh Bank or even in West Lancashire.

“Adrian Owens from Our West Lancashire explained that Councillor Moon came onto the electoral register in Hesketh Bank in January 2016. The Our West Lancashire councillor went on to say that a near neighbour of Cllr Moon’s in Hesketh Bank had contacted Our West Lancashire to say in a written statement that Cllr Moon and/or his wife had slept overnight at the property no more than a dozen times between December 2015 and November 2016.

“We were also informed by two independent sources that Cllr Moon actually lives in Leyland and indeed his wife was listed at a Leyland address on the electoral register. On two occasions in the past months we have driven passed this Leyland property and on both occasions a red van understood to be Cllr Moon’s and with a West Lancashire councillor car park permit in the window mooncarpermits [NB two cars permitted, click to enlarge] has been parked outside”.

“The latest questions come after it was revealed that Cllr Moon is a councillor in two councils – West Lancashire and Wyre, something he failed to mention when standing for election in Hesketh Bank last May. Our West Lancashire have previously called for the councillor to stand down.

“Councillor Owens concluded by saying “Considerable doubt has now emerged on where Cllr Moon actually lives and he needs to provide a clear explanation to his long-suffering electorate on this matter”.

But what DID Moon mention prior to his election last May? Did anyone in Hesketh Bank receive a Moon manifesto, the Tory Intouch? Perhaps someone has a copy they would like to share with us? Does Moon make himself available to the electorate and has he done local casework for anybody? Or is he just another puppet making up a receding number of opposition councillors?


  1. Well I hope this puppet remembers he’s in West Lancashire next Wednesday not Wyre, so he knows which way to vote on the Tory motion on a green bin charge!

    • Either way he votes it’s a disgrace that he picks up West Lancashire council tax from us. There should be some measure of councillor behavioural standard that stops this abuse of seats, not to mention the party that allows it to happen.

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