Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 16, 2017

WLBC Gossip

No pay rise for WLBC councillors , “in accordance with paragraph 4 of the IRP’s report, a Members Allowance Scheme be made, effective from 1 April 2017 incorporating a Basic Allowance of £4,842 (no increase) and provision for SRA payments, as detailed on the Schedule at Appendix 1″. Probably a disappointment for Cllr Moon, whose other councillor job in Wyre will increase by 1% this year.

Cllr Paul Greenall tells us by tweet that Conservatives (Wally wallytoy plus 14) will try to reverse Labour’s ‘bins tax’ at next week’s Full Council meeting. More a gesture than reality!

The lowest paid employee of the Council is someone currently employed on Scp 6 £14,514 now increasing to £15,014 on the NJC pay spine including the Living Wage Supplement. The average annual salary for this grade would be £15,862 (including the Living Wage Supplement).

The highest salary paid in the Council is currently £99,796 p.a. This compares to a median average salary of £22,434 p.a. which is a ratio of 1:4.45 (or 1:4.42 when expressed as a ratio of total remuneration). This salary now rises to £100,794, the first +£100,000 for WLBC since Bill Taylor. Who thinks any local officer is worth this la la land salary kim1602?

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