Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 15, 2017

Three Motions To Full Council Next Week

Can you believe these agenda items below at Full Council next week, relating to matters not within the scope of WLBC to do anything about them? Wouldn’t you think this Council has enough on its plate to serve us for our benefit rather than waste time on Merseyrail trains and Brexit? The local electorate voted for Brexit, the local electorate cannot vote on Merseyrail trains. Both items therefore done and dusted. Why no motion on consulting with the electorate on diminishing NHS services in West Lancashire? A third motion does relate to services affecting us, policing.

New Merseyrail trainormskirkcentral driver-only trains – motion included on the agenda at the request of Councillor Pritchard on behalf of the Labour group. That this council welcomes the announcement of a new fleet of Merseyrail trains. However this council recognises the role of guards on trains and that safety may be compromised with driver-only trains. That council resolves to instruct the Chief Executive to write to the managing director of Merseyrail and chief executive of Merseytravel setting out its concerns and that the safety of passengers and staff must be treated as a priority. Also, that all concerns raised by trade union officials are considered when introducing these new trains.

Social & Economic Consequences Of Brexit – Motion Included On The Agenda At The Request Of Councillor McKenna britbrexitwestlancs On Behalf Of The Labour Group. That given the potential for negative social and economic consequences of so-called Brexit, along with possible opportunities, this council seek to work with other like-minded local authorities, especially but not solely within the Liverpool City Region area and Lancashire, to research and as appropriate pursue any lobbying or legislative means, so as to ensure that our local and combined authorities acquire and use to best effect, a substantive place in the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union following a ‘triggering’ of Article 50 (2). That the Council resolves that the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Leader, write to her counterparts in authorities in Liverpool City Region and Lancashire, setting out initial proposals for a joint approach to this matter. Well, isn’t there a potential for positive social and economic consequences of so-called Brexit? This council doesn’t even take a meaningful stance on the devastation and destructions of parts of the Beacon Park Golf Course, it remains the poodle of Serco and Oakland Golf and Leisure instead beaconcircle.

A third motion relates to policing, all of which is in the hands of Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw, a Labour nomination elected Lancashire wide-Lancashire Constabulary Job Losses – Motion Included On The Agenda At The Request Of Councillor Wright On Behalf Of The Labour Group That Council is concerned that following severe Government cuts Lancashire Constabulary has lost some 1364 jobs:- 893 Police Officers; 331 Police Staff; 140 Community Support Officers. That this Council is concerned that continued cuts to Police funding leading to a reduction in front line Policing will only result in more crime and anti-social behaviour within West Lancashire. This will harm our community and prevent residents from feeling safe. That Council resolves to instruct the Chief Executive to write to the Home Secretary setting out our concerns and demanding that cuts to police funding be stopped immediately. It’s a pity Labour councillors resident in Aughton don’t attend the Aughton Parish Council, they might have spoken up just this week about the dire situation facing Neighbourhood Watch, run by volunteers now without full, in fact any, visible support from Mr Grunshaw who says “Want to make a difference not just be a bystander” clivegrunshawlpabystander?


  1. Spot on! Our councillors should focus on delivering the best services they can for West Lancashire instead of grandstanding.

    • We pay 54 allowances for 54 councillors to serve us. If they want to go part-time and take up other issues then they should declare that and only take a proportion of their £4,840.

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