Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 15, 2017

Political Trophy Photographs

Politicians love their “trophy” or “success” photographs and readily agree to them being published. In August 2006 the Champion was invited to the Beacon Park Golf Course to hear Cllr Westley talk about the “facility becoming more and more popular with local professionals, amateurs, juniors and families who enjoy a game of golf so it is nice to know that the excellent reputation of the golf course is spreading far and wide”. And then they took a photograph of Westley, Mark Prosser of DCT, Peter McCormack, Steve Kent, and Dave Tilleray on the fairways of the course. Sadly we are unable to publish a copy. You can read the article here westpicreport-001 [click to enlarge] and if anyone has a copy of that Champion pic we would be glad to publish it. Westley isn’t recorded as being at the Beacon Park course again, which is a shame as he would see what damage has been done to facilities there recently such as at the driving rangebeacon0202-005. [click to enlarge]

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