Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 15, 2017

OWLs Swoop On Moon In Hesketh Bank

Our West Lancashire canvassers have today delivered a “Talking Point” leaflet drop all over Hesketh Bank to let the electorate there know what Cllr Moon didn’t tell them as they duly elected a Tory candidate last May. You can see the front of the leaflet here moonowl1-001 [click to read] and the simple question OWLs ask is “Where Does Councillor Moon Live”? Moon was exposed in October 2016 for the query over his wearing of two  different Borough hats, and eventually his exchange of emails with OWL Cllr Adrian Owens. OWLs have done a hatchet job on Moon, judging by the “Talking Point” publication, and all praise to them for that. How many of us resent the fact of Moon taking a seat that should be used by a local West Lancastrian resident for local West Lancashire residents, and without the baggage of different garden waste and combined authority votes. So it is that under the heading asking where Moon lives OWLs have compelling evidence of doubt. There is more too, as it is known Moon has had two WLBC Car permits issued to him. As OWLs suggest, Moon should resign and soon. On the reverse side of the OWLs Talking Point here owlmoon2-001 [click to enlarge] they have also given Hesketh Bank residents much food for thought. Small but independent, OWLs will grow in size and strength in time. May 2017 LCC?


  1. This councillor is clearly partaking of the Michael. What an embarrassment to our Borough. The Augean stables need sweeping out.

    • I agree with that summary. Bearing in mind that the Augean stables housed a large herd of cattle and had not been cleaned for years, there must be a similarity there with our council. But surely responsibility here rests with the party that had no local candidate and instead looked for and found dross such as this. And we mustn’t forget the apathy party which must surely have a large majority in Hesketh Bank?

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