Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 15, 2017

Liverpool Mayor becomes “Redrow Joe”

As Liverpudlians learned of the sale of a chunk of Calderstones Park, the size of eight football pitches to Redrow for luxury houses worth £500,000, the Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson was dubbed “Redrow Joe” rdrowjoe.

Recently a total of 70 per cent of respondents to a new poll said that ‘privatising’ parks is unacceptable and 75 per cent believe maintaining parks should be a statutory duty for local authorities. The 2016 Heritage Lottery Fund State of UK Public Parks report found that 59 per cent of local authorities were considering disposing or transferring management or ownership of green spaces in the next three years, up from 45 per cent in 2013 when the last HLF research was conducted. In 2016, nearly 50 per cent of local authorities had disposed of or transferred the management or ownership of some of their green spaces in the past three years.

An article yesterday describes how Britain’s best known armchair critics, Gogglebox’s Leon and June, joined in the battle over green space at Liverpool’s Calderstones today. The TV husband and wife who live in Allerton, used Twitter to directly address Mayor Joe Anderson expressing dismay at the council disposal of land the size of eight football pitches, to developer Redrow, for luxury houses worth £500,000.

You can read the full article here

after which you might conclude that what Redrow wants Redrow gets. With pockets deep enough for it to pay for the finest and costliest legal eagles that comes as no surprise to West Lancastrians.

Salient points include “the might of an army of several hundred protestors, more than 1,000 names on a petition, hundreds more objections and the words of the Gogglebox duo were not enough” and “There were cries of “Shame!” from the public gallery as the planning committee today voted by 4-1 to approve the Redrow scheme, endorsing a recommendation by the planning officer and in line with Mayor Anderson’s strong support”. And “It might go down in history as Liverpool’s St Valentine’s Day Massacre, the day Mayor Joe Anderson’s controversial plan for 51 luxury homes on the Harthill Calderstones park estate was given the green light. This morning, up to 200 people, many chanting and waving banners, demonstrated at the entrance to the park as members of the council’s planning committee arrived for a site inspection doglove. The loud chorus of protests – “Redrow Joe”, “Don’t build on our park”, and some with expletives – left planning chairman Cllr John McIntosh and his committee in no doubt about the depth of feeling”.

But whether the vocal protests were enough to justify deputy planning chairman Tony Conception describing them as a “screaming howling mob” is questionable. The vast majority of men, women and children, were well mannered and well behaved. Those of us who attended a West Lancashire Borough Council meeting about the Local Plan will recall how the council called the police for protection against a group mainly of elderly peaceful protestors.

And some Aughtonians have thought for a long time Aughton has “Wainhomes Westley” after being accused by him of telling lies door to door!

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