Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 14, 2017

Edge Hill Hostility To Free speech?

Edge Hill University (EHU) edgehilluni and Edge Hill Students’ Union collectively create a hostile environment for free speech according to the “spiked on line” website 2017_fsur_header. Its survey ranking 115 UK universities using its traffic-light system, shows that 63.5 per cent of universities now actively censor speech, and 30.5 per cent stifle speech through excessive regulation. This marks a steady rise in censorship over the past three years. Now only six per cent of UK universities are truly free, open places. EHU The university, which has maintained an Amber ranking amber-small, commits itself to ‘eradicating all forms of offensive and unreasonable language’ and prohibits students from producing ‘offensive literature’. The students’ union, which has moved to a Red red-hat-2 ranking, has a No Platform policy, which bans fascists and racists, and an External Speakers Policy, which insists speakers refrain from ‘insulting’ faith groups. Due to the severity of the students’ union’s policies, the institution’s overall ranking moves to Red.


  1. When I was a student (in the 70’s) the Students Union took it as a badge of honour to invite everyone and anyone to our Art College to give lectures. The more controversial, the better. In the ’70’s there were no safe spaces, just impassioned discussion and argument. What has happened to students of today?

    • Whether students are pale imitations of their 70’s counterparts matters less than whether these rules restrict free speech and the challenging of obnoxious opinions.
      I suspect it’s very easy to claim offence to shut down debate.

      • It’s also just as easy to be obnoxious and offensive to start debates?

    • “The times they are a changing” as we all see, and we of mature years look back with nostalgia. But perhaps todays students are the generation of social media and its influences, right or wrong. Perhaps we feel threatened by the twitterati where much of todays debates start and often finish. It’s a different world.

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