Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 13, 2017

Aughton Parish Precept Unchanged

There is a small beacon of comfort for residents of the Aughton Parish with news released tonight the precept will remain unchanged, at £16.29p on the tax base of around 3,500, while all around us austerity will force up our council and police taxes. On a bitterly cold night only two residents and Roger Blaxall from QLocal braved the elements to attend, outnumbered by eight Parish Councillors and the Clerk. The Westleyphants westlephantsaughton also strayed from Halsall to listen to reports of concern over the lack of central support for local Neighbourhood Watch. On a more positive note local Aughton monthly crime figures had reduced to seven. They included 4 daytime burglaries, one domestic incident, one property theft, and the theft of a delivery van. Also reported was the inclusion of the Cockbeck pub and its bowling green into the recently reviewed Granville Park Conservation Area granvparkcon.

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