Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 12, 2017

The Truth About HMOs

The usual diatribe of “Aughton resident, details supplied” to the Champion Letters to the Editor last week, contained the accusation “Especially considering their [Labour] never-ending granting of HMOs on every affordable home that is snapped up by landlords in Ormskirk”. aughtres0902-001 click to read. As anybody with an interest in the truth of this claim might discover, Labour took control of West Lancashire Borough Council on 8th May 2015 from the Conservatives for the first time since 2002.

So it follows that HMO Licences granted up to that auspicious date were granted by the Conservative administration. “Aughton resident, details supplied” needs simply to read the list of legally issued HMO Licences published by the council. 26 licences were issued by the Conservatives, and 10 have been issued by Labour.

Not that this subject is party political, HMO Licences do not depend on politics but the law. It just happens that “Aughton resident, details supplied” makes it so, foolishly as it happens. But it does beg the questions of how and why these letters keep on appearing in the Champion. And of the authenticity of any other claims made by this Aughton resident too.


  1. You may not realise but there are two types of HMO in legislation: Housing and Planning.
    Housing HMO – 5 or more unrelated occupants in a property of three or more stories – requires a licence – this you quote
    Planning HMO – 3 or more unrelated occupants of any residential property – no licence required

    It is these smaller HMOs which have proliferated over recent years under the council. In 2013, thanks to efforts from residents some restrictions were put in force in that planning permission is now required in Ormskirk/Westhead/Aughton. In recent times there have been new HMOs in Redsands, two in Westhead, Scott Estate, Marians Drive and several others.

    • Yes, that is the WLBC published information. The licencing guidance is clear, and also all HMOs have to be managed in accordance with “The Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006”, irrespective of whether they need to be licensed. Failure to comply with these regulations could see the landlord fined up to £5,000. It remains the position that it is absurd to blame a political party for “never-ending granting of HMOs”.

  2. I made no comment on political parties – HMOs have proliferated under both Labour and Conservative.

    My comment was that to merely list HMO licences misses the greater picture. There are more than 400 HMOs in Ormskirk, so more than 90% are unlicenced.

    • I didn’t say you did comment on political parties, my reference was to the original claim made by Aughton resident in the Champion.

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