Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 11, 2017

Which WLBC Councillor Was A Late Council Tax Payer?

Private Eye has written in its Rotten Boroughs column on the “Pay up, pay up and play the game!” payup [credit to Private Eye for use of pic] report on councillors. Readers will wonder which West Lancashire Borough Councillor needed a Council tax reminder, reported as “1 reminder(s) sent for overdue council tax payments. No further action needed”.

Private Eye requests such information annually by Freedom of Information Act 2000 about local authorities with councillors who paid council tax late. This WLBC case was in the 2015/16 tax year, with no action taken. The Eye wrote “Of the councils that responded to our inquiries in full, 109 had a clean bill of health – no reminders needed to be sent. More than twice as many – 243 councils – had sent reminder letters to at least one councillor”. Shocking!


  1. Councillors who happily raise council tax each year and then “forget” to pay it. Shame we don’t know the name of this councillor.

    • It is a shame, we should be told, but the wagons generally circle very quickly around some of our elected members. Probably a case of “there but for the grace of God go I”?

  2. Alan

    It might have been me. I moved house in January 2016 and wrote to WLBC in normal way asking them to adjust the bill accordingly. That letter got lost somewhere, and I received a reminder at my previous address.

    From memory, I rang immediately to inquire what was going on, and expressed some disappointment at the position I’d been put in, given that I’ve never been in arrears for anything. I’m not sure if this is what’s been recorded as the ‘reminder’ in this case, but it may be as it will have just been lifted from the system, without any assessment of whether the reminder was actually justified.

    To be frank, I don’t think it’s a resigning matter, as I think I was paying on the new house anyway. I’m not sure I need to circle any wagon on this one..


    • It’s good of you to explain this possibility in public, although we ourselves don’t know who it is. The precise period of the Private Eye dates covered by their FoI isn’t known to us. The categories of those receiving the attention of Private Eye clearly show this to be the least serious. Can we imagine the angst among council tax payers who read about councillors actually being prosecuted for council tax offences? While this WLBC case IS minimal, if it is answered by the fact of paying on the new house, then that is administrative failure.

  3. Paul, I definitely hold my hand up to this one, I moved house a few months ago. The week I moved I was on the phone to BTLS to give a new details. I had a DD set up and thought everything was good to go then low and behold a reminder popped through the post. I have to admit though my experience with BTLS left a lot to be desired.

    • This must be unique, in the best possible way, that councillors are openly admitting to an experience that unfortunately left them possibly late in paying council tax. Admirable.

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