Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 11, 2017

Tory Forum For The Future

The West Lancashire Conservative Association believes local conservatism has a future despite its abysmal local leadership. It has announced a meeting for Thursday, 23rd Feb 2017 at 7pm for 730pm to discuss “Topic-The Cost of Living”.

On the menu will be fish and chips, once a staple cheap cost food for the poorest among us, sold wrapped in newspaper

Fish & chips wrapped in a Daily Express newspaper

The local Tory plated version will cost you £10 with wine, and probably including a profit margin for local party funds

Traditional english food - Fish and chips

They might wish to consider that the annual cost of being a pensioner jumped 8 per cent to £11,200 in 2014, and has risen ever since. The national average figure covers basics like food, clothes, transport and heating, plus some modest optional spending on activities like eating out and hobbies.

Despite the so called triple lock, that 8% rise dwarfed the basic state pension, which at £113.10 a week was worth around £5,900 a year, underlining the need for people to have some private savings to fund a comfortable retirement. Today that state pension is a mere £119.30, rising to £122.30 from April 2017.

Or perhaps they might be discussing the cost of living of some of the highest paid councillors, including one on LCC basic £10,362 plus “Largest Opposition Whip” £2,959 and WLBC basic £4,842, or even the councillor working part-time for two separate councils?

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