Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 11, 2017

Aughton Parish Council Meeting Agenda

The Aughton Parish Council will meet on Monday 13 February in the Aughton Village Hall Annexe, starting at 7.30pm. See notice of meeting here aughtparish1102-001 click to read. An outstanding feature of the monthly meeting is always the disclosure of what occurred when the Chairman and Clerk met with the local police. What local police, you might ask, apart from our splendid police station volunteers towngpolice? Anyway, the disclosure to those who attend parish council meetings, including at least one local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator (another volunteer), will be the number and description of the historic crimes committed in the parish in January. For example, the November 2016 parish minutes disclose details of 21 local crimes. All historic remember, so what use are they to anyone interested in telling residents there are people hell bent on robbing and committing criminal damage on cars and property, making bogus calls, and anti-social behaviour, and the answer is nothing. Meanwhile we wait for the next set of statistics and the roundabout of futile information goes on and on. Talk is cheap, just like the whole rotten business of local policing set by national politicians and paid additionally from our police precept, which for 2016/17 will cost us £162.22 for a band D property.

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