Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 3, 2017

Trains Into Skelmersdale?

The announcement of a preferred site for the location of a railway station in Skelmersdale has been welcomed by West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper as marking the next step towards the transformation of the town. skelmersdale_railway_petition_street_stall

The Network Rail study’s preferred location of the former Glenburn Sports College/ Westbank Campus site (Skelmersdale College’s former site) means future rail services can be brought into the heart of Skelmersdale’s town centre. Speaking about the study’s findings, MP Rosie Cooper said “The people of Skelmersdale will be delighted a site for the railway station has been identified and this project continues to move forward, although only once there is a new railway station in Skelmersdale and one that is in the town centre can we truly celebrate.

“For now this is another step in the right direction towards that goal. Having launched the campaign for a railway station with local residents when we were standing collecting signatures on petitions in the shopping centre of a weekend to demonstrate the support for this scheme, to speaking in Parliament on the subject and banging on at every opportunity about the transformation a railway station would bring to Skelmersdale, we have come a long way in our aim of securing a railway station in the town.

“I have consistently said that a railway station in the heart of Skelmersdale will open up a world of economic and social opportunities for the town and its residents. Slowly the face of Skelmersdale is beginning to change. It has a new further education college. We should begin to see work start on the town centre redevelopment at last. Add to that a railway station connecting the town into Liverpool, Manchester and beyond.

“Now Skelmersdale begins to look like a 21st Century town and it is nothing more than the people and the town deserve. And I for one will continue campaigning and fighting to ensure that the identification of a site for a railway is not where this ends.”

County councillor John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said it was an “exciting step forward”. He said the preferred location was big enough to allow for the possibility of future expansion. And he added “It has good highway access and good connectivity to the town and the surrounding area.” The authority confirmed it will now start the process of acquiring the relevant land.


  1. I suppose they have to big up the results of a study which cost £71,000 to choose between just two sites. The train station is no closer to reality today than yesterday.
    In the meantime the county council have closed and are letting go to ruin a great all weather football facility on the site paid for by taxpayers only 4-5 years ago – that should be the focus for our local media.

    • It should be included in the upcoming personal manifestos for every LCC election candidate in the May elections.

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