Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 31, 2017

How Knowsley Council Welcomed Action Over The Sports Park Saga

In our follow up to the tale of two companies related to the Beacon Park Golf Course fiasco we publish the Knowsley Council reaction to the enforcement action against UK Sports Parks Ltd. Shown here knowsleywelcome-001 [click to read] in their publication is the effect on costs and damage to the site, including environmental, transport, fly-tipping, and even anti-social behaviour on the abandoned site. If these offences occurred in West Lancashire we would be outraged, and WLBC would be taking action themselves…but sadly WLBC allowed the same people to become involved jointly with Serco in wrecking parts of the Beacon Park Golf Course instead. A Knowsley councillor refers to the unacceptable saga, the huge inconvenience to the local community, and the time the site has been in an unacceptable condition. Sounds just like Beacon Park Golf Course? beacon1111-011

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