Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 26, 2017

Isolated Halsall To Become Even More Isolated?

As we read day in and day out of cuts to vital services, paid for from income and council taxes, we can only wonder where it will all end. Such a vital service to isolated Halsall is soon to end.

Due to increased costs and reduced help from the NHS the Halsall Pharmacy halsallph based in the Halsall Memorial Hall will close at the end of April 2017. The pharmacy is reported not to be making any money due to the changes in the way prescriptions are now being dispensed, lack of signage bringing no external customers, local doctors not able to supply surgery, and reduced funding from NHS. It is a sorry affair that can only discredit the politicians who seem hell bent on the destruction of whole communities like Halsall, and who else will be next?

The Halsall War Memorial Playing Field And Hall Trustees are Ian Davis and Dave Bond, the Parish Clerk Halsall Parish Council. Its purpose is to “Improve the conditions of life of the inhabitants of Halsall without distinction of political, religious or other opinions by the provision and maintenance of: (a) a village hall for use by the inhabitants, including use for meetings, lectures and classes and other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation (b) a recreation ground for use by the inhabitants”.

Presumably such trusts will not be improving the conditions of the lives of inhabitants for much longer while local communities face such brutal treatment? Local Labour councillor Maureen Mills momills has commented “The loss of the Pharmacy would be a great blow to residents who are already disadvantaged by lack of public transport.  This no doubt has a knock-on effect on any business in our rural community that depends upon customers walking in.  The Pharmacy has provided a much needed service in Halsall, despite operating in very difficult times for all businesses.  It will also have provided income to the Trust which helps to maintain the Memorial Hall for the benefit of the community as a whole.  I am engaging with the Parish Council and I will help them in any way possible.”

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