Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 25, 2017

Children In Danger Part 2

Aspirants for county council seats helping residents is either good news or cynicism that makes us believe that when local elections are on the horizon, aspirants for office become friendly and helpful to voters? But who could believe that of the Aughton councillor with 40 years (give or take a couple of years) at WLBC and another 16 years at LCC, Cllr O’Toole seen here otoolery in full flow?

Well, you might ask, why did he copy his reply to me below to Wally Westley who is county candidate for Ormskirk, and Sailor Sam Currie, who is county candidate for Skelmersdale Central? Might it just be courtesy because they are also Aughton & Downholland borough councillors but never knowingly seen in Town Green? Alas, cynicism has overwhelmed me, on the grounds there will be the usual intouch election leaflets out soon.

Anyway, I wrote to him “With some urgency to advise you of the serious deterioration of the concrete post and wooden fencing at the Junction of Footpath 25 and The Serpentine. This matter has been raised by me on several occasions, to warn councillors that the concrete post is being forced over by roots of a nearby large tree. I have reported that this footpath is used by parents who park their cars in The Serpentine and walk their children to Town Green School via Prescot Road. Today the concrete post has tilted to an even more dangerous angle footpathpics-002, taking some of the wooden fencing with it. I hope I am still not having to remind you of this problem with the serious consequences of an accident to a child if it is ignored any longer. I attach pictures taken a few minutes ago”.

He replied “I have spoken to a colleague who says there are works planned for improving the surface of footpath Aughton 25 and removing a kissing gate aughtgate2501-001 [click to enlarge] that inhibits access. Although the fence post is not on a public right of way (it is on the unrecorded cut-through that joins it) and is the responsibility of the adjacent landowner it seems that a practical solution is for our contractor to remove it whilst on site”.

And I wrote back “Thanks for this quick response, especially as the work will coincide with improvements to the surface of the footpath that floods easily and turns quickly to mud. I hope the work will be expedited because the dangerous fence post has moved to an alarming angle. As to the removal of the “kissing gate” aughtgate2501-002 which was a replacement for the old step over styal that was impossible for some elderly and disabled pedestrian residents to use, leading to a long walk around Whalley Drive or Prescot Road, I can envisage any inhibitions being limited perhaps to wheelchairs. The kissing gate, provided via Cnty Cllr Ashton some time ago, is generously wide and provides safety against some two wheeled transport that causes distress to our elderly local population. Can you advise me what complaints led to this decision, and what consultation has taken place either with residents or the Borough and or Parish Councillors? The shrubbed area directly outside the kissing gate, on the pavement on Prescot Road leading to Town Green Lane, is badly overgrown aughtgate2501-003, is an eyesore, and is currently reducing pedestrian space to approximately half its width. Might the works on Footpath 25 be extended also to this area”? Now watch out for action, publicity, and election leaflets!

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