Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 20, 2017

Two Of Everything For Cllr Moon?

Does a two hatting councillor cost taxpayers two of everything simply because of the constitutions of each council? The Wyre Borough Council wyre Constitution states “Basic Allowance-This is based on an annual sum paid in equal monthly amounts and will be paid without claim to all Members apportioned on a daily basis for the period of office to reflect any part month payments. The Allowance is taxable and will be increased by 1% in May 2016 and by a further 1% in May 2017 on the anniversary of appointment. [Cllr Moon will be the only WLBC Councillor to take a pay rise, albeit from Wyre. Is he worth it?] The current scheme was approved by the Council on 22 January 2015, on the basis of recommendations made by the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) and was fully implemented with effect from the start of a members term of office, namely the fourth day after being elected. An annual review is undertaken each year and the results are applied from the anniversary date of the start of a member’s term of office. A full review of the scheme is undertaken every 3 years.

Additional IT Allowance
Members need to be able to receive and respond to emails and to access the Council’s intranet in order to effectively carry out their role. They will be expected to obtain the necessary equipment, including broadband, PC and printer and a supplementary IT allowance will be paid for this purpose and increased annually in line with the basic allowance”.

The WLBC wlbclogo Constitution states “The Council at its meeting on 24 February 2016 resolved to fix the Basic Allowance for a 4 year period until 31 March 2020, as set out in paragraph 4.2 of the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) Report, the Council being able to ask the IRP to consider an increase in any year and to give specific reasons for the request. payslip-crop

Protocol on the use of ICT by Members. The Council offers Councillors a laptop or tablet computer to use to facilitate the performance of their duties as Councillors. The Council is committed to the development of e-Working to increase the range of information which is available to Councillors electronically and to enable Councillors to conduct more of their business remotely. The use of these computers can make Councillors much more effective, but there are risks associated with such use. This protocol sets out the conditions on which such computers are provided, in order to minimise those risks both to the Council and to individual Councillors. Each Councillor is required to sign a copy of this protocol as a condition of being provided with the WLBC computer and must comply with the terms of this protocol. For this purpose, “WLBC computer” means the laptop or tablet computer provided to the Councillor by the Council, together with any printers, hardware, software or materials provided for use with the computer. The WLBC computer is provided to the Councillor specifically to facilitate the discharge of the Councillor‟s functions as a Councillor. The Councillor must therefore not use the WLBC computer in any manner which will prevent or interfere with its use for that purpose” two-computer [click to enlarge].

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