Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 19, 2017

It Would Be Laughable If It Wasn’t So Serious

Crabtree Lane in Burscough features regularly in our flood reports. It creates untold havoc and misery on those it affects. It is caused by a culvert that goes under the Southport Rail Line very near the Crabtree Lane Railway Crossing.

It is shown here crabtree-culvert [click to enlarge] circled and taken from the Environment Agency local surface water flooding map.

Now, a Burscough resident who has spent a lifetime in construction went to see the culvert and declared it to be laughable!!!!

He told the Burscough Flood Group (BFG) “I finally got over to see the culvert crabcul1 [click pics to enlarge] nowhere near as big a structure as I expected to see, no wonder they were flooded out crabcul2!! It’s laughable”.

As the secretary of BFG responded “If you, as someone what who’s spent a lifetime in construction, thinks Burscough’s primary surface water drainage system is laughable then that adds to the question mark over the wisdom of continuing to put additional flow (year on year) into it and now also planning to add the surface flows from Lordsgate Lane, Admiralty Close and YTF without any plan to make it fit for purpose”. Why DO we still have Victorian standards in 2017?

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