Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 19, 2017

Being Called A Nimby? Water Off A Duck’s Back

What, you might ask, are the chances of 3 letters containing charges of Nimbyism written to the Champion newspaper and all appearing in the same edition? It didn’t take our local Sherlock Holmes sherlockcon long to suss them out, two anonymous and one named, containing the usual terminal and illogical inexactitudes. Aughton resident, aughtlet192-001 details supplied, AD by email aughtlet193-001, details supplied, and Mrs Peterson, Aughton. aughtlet191-001 [click all to read]

It is still, apparently, the lot of a campaigner against development of agricultural land for housing to suffer false accusations. Like being accused of representing all of Aughton and hence all their opinions? Like Mr Pagett making woolly claims? Like sticking our heads in the sand? Like wasting public money that needs to be spent on vital bus services, road safety, and womens’ refuges, none of which are the responsibility of WLBC? Like being a bored retiree in Aughton who clearly has nothing better to do with their time than complain? And why else would our wonderful NHS keep us bored retirees alive than to allow us to oppose houses appearing on land where food should be grown?

Cast your minds back to March 2013 when, in an astonishing attack on our finest agricultural land, the then planning minister, Nick Boles, attended a meeting with some of the country’s biggest property developers and told them he was prepared for an acrimonious battle with countryside campaigners. These developers have paid Boles’ party £millions in donations and they came for their payback. The Telegraph had obtained a recording of the meeting in which Boles disclosed that he was poised to axe the planning permission requirement for many developments. He indicated that the main purpose of a £15.5 billion government package to support homebuyers was to create a building boom. The planning minister said he “couldn’t care who owns the bloody things”. Boles spoke at a reception with senior figures from the property industry hosted by Savills in the heart of Mayfair, central London. He spelt out to the 150-strong audience that further deregulation of the planning system would be introduced, just weeks after the controversial new system of relaxed rules is introduced. And in view of all that is it any wonder like-minded people came together to keep crops growing in Aughton’s fields?

For the true record ARG2012 states “In 2013, the land bordered by Parr’s Lane, Long Lane, and Prescot Road lost its green belt status. That land is now safeguarded as a Plan B site in Policy GN2 of the Local Plan, and so is safeguarded from development until the Plan B is triggered. There are three possible triggers for the Plan B, set out in Policy RS6 of the Local Plan. None of these three triggers have been met and so Parr’s Lane, along with all other Plan B sites, is still safeguarded. See Plan B Triggers. Despite this, Redrow and Wainhomes are submitting plans for housing developments on the site. Links to the various planning submissions can be found on the Information page. The Aughton Residents’ Group, ARG(2012), opposes these proposed developments and is actively campaigning to stop them”.

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