Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 15, 2017

Currie On Fracking?

Aughton parish has a tax base of 3,493 and Downholland parish has a tax base of 348. Aughton & Downholland ward, that’s 3,841 households, is served by 3 councillors, one of whom lives in Downholland.

It was Aughton & Downholland ward Cllr Sam Currie who was hoist with his own petard when despite the public knowing that the majority of the shale survey area covers Aughton and Downholland he wrote of fracking in Downholland “I have been asked many times this year for my opinion on fracking. Unfortunately, I don’t think the constant scare mongering from certain council members who reside outside our area [but reside within PEDL 164 pedl164new like us!] has helped. My opinion is simple. For some time within our area we have had the possibility of fracking. We do not want the constant ‘will they/won’t they’ which is hanging over our area and for this reason I welcome the surveys carried out within recent months. When the results come back we will of course have more of an update”. It’s a pity Cllr Currie didn’t at least refer to the extreme possibility of flooding while fracking takes place, leading to pollution of soil and water courses?

This was followed by a “Proposal that the Parish Council consider “a motion to resist Hydraulic Fracturing within our area”: After discussion the motion was accepted on a split vote.

And then came the report from RoyCunliffe “Hydraulic Fracturing At the last Parish Council meeting a motion was accepted to “resist Hydraulic Fracturing within our area”. Cllr Maureen Mills from HAF advised me that an application for exploratory Hydraulic Fracturing will be made sometime in the new year. So now would appear to be an appropriate time to form a steering committee to represent us alongside Halsall and Formby etc. So if you would like to join this committee please e-mail me so that I can arrange a meeting, things appear to be hotting up now!! Also according to Aurora and Tesla no insurance claims were made in relation to the Seismic Survey, although I am aware there were a number of residents who were affected. This is why I felt we should compile a portfolio. If you would like to know more please contact me. [this might help, click to read] shalepic1 

So is it really constant scaremongering from a council member whose representation of how shale can and will dictate and affect our Aughton & Downholland and Halsall lives, or just facts that give the will to rebel against it? As I recall, parts of Halsall to the east came out of the old PEDL area but parts to the north went in, including PEDL 165 (Cuadrilla’s license!); and Aughton Park, Knowsley and Scarisbrick came out.

Residents of Aughton & Downholland will hope to receive a balanced view of the facts from Cllr Currie, even those from his own government guidance, which is better than his own simple opinion so far. Downholland has a total area of 12 square miles most of which is prime agricultural land. It needs better representation than is apparent so far?


  1. So…after all that hot air from Currie…what IS his opinion?

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