Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 13, 2017

Letters To The Champion Editor

Our first letter to the Champion this week is from Martin Pagett, replying to the anonymous denouncer of the council for taking on the Parrs Lane potential developers. You can read the letter here aughtparrs13-001 [click to read] and it is of interest particularly for the seeking of views and out of hundreds spoken to by Martin Pagett and his wife less than a handful agreed to the loss of Green Belt. No lies told door to door here then, as claimed so grotesquely by Wally Westley! And Mr Pagett does not intend to be trodden on troddenon and why should he be?

The second letter from J M Berry of Aughton aught1301 [click to read] expresses concerns of there being too many people in the country and poor allocation of property and particularly that the present policy of building houses on prime agricultural land such as Parrs Lane will only make the problem of food supply worse. Both writers shame the anonymous whingers whose letters appear in the Champion too often.


  1. Likewise I canvassed approximately 350 people and only had one person who said they wanted Parrs Lane to be taken out of green belt and used for development
    Colin Draper

    • I canvassed for signatures and had no adverse comments or refusals. Like you I lied to nobody. I suppose it was beyond the comprehension of Wally Westley and his party to become intouch with residents and do their own opinion seeking? All of this was over three years ago and still no apology for the lies slur. That says it all about the man who now leads his party to oblivion.

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