Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 12, 2017

Events At Misty Beacon Park Still Clouded By Misinformation?

When I recently published the misty pictures from Beacon Park Golf Course I remarked on the WLBC official statement that “In regards to the area previously used as a driving range, the delivery of inert landfill has now ceased in this area” in which case where was all the new banked up clay, rubble, and soil beacon08120176 coming from?

Problem solved, by a sharp eyed golfer with a dashboard cam, on his way to the course lorrybeacontom6. Photographic lorrybeacontom3proof lorrybeacontom1 of a downright contradiction lorrybeacontom2 of the WLBC statement. Deliveries of landfill still being made.

So I have written “For the avoidance of doubt I can now inform you that wagons are still importing landfill today, despite your written assertion it has finished, and that the mounds are proven as imported by yet more photographic evidence provided by a golfer who was approaching the course on Stannanought Road, noted the loaded wagon ahead of him indicating to turn into the golf course landfill entrance, and filmed it on his dashboard camera. That is not re-profiling, that is continued landfill”.

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