Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 9, 2017

More Landfill At The Misty Beacon Park Golf Course?

At the Borough Cabinet meeting tomorrow consideration will be given to extend the remit for Borough leisure services held by West Lancashire Community Leisure Limited (a registered charity) and the operating partner Serco Leisure Operating Limited (SLOT). That would seem inconceivable to those who have witnessed the desecration of some of the Beacon Park Golf Course facilities with untold and unaccounted for landfill. Perhaps some of that existing landfill is now being moved around beacon0812017? On 14 December 2016 I was told officially “In regards to the area previously used as a driving range, the delivery of inert landfill has now ceased in this area and the “shaper” is liaising with the greens team in order to shape the footgolf course in the most appropriate manner. This will commence after the Christmas break, dependent upon weather, beacon08120178 and is expected to be complete in the new year and should be seeded in March 2017. The operator will have to allow the area to grow and mature for one full season before it can be considered as a usable area”. But today, as the mist descended we are asking, why is there now a huge bank of clay, rubble, and soil running alongside the old driving range and adjacent to the first hole tee all the way down to the green beacon08120176 all of which is at least 5 feet high and more than that across the width of it beacon081201714. Surely it can only be from reducing the appalling height of the proposed Foot Golf facility? The re-appearance of a caterpillar beacon08120173 suggests more costs incurred as this monstrous insult beacon08120179 to the borough council tax payers runs on and on. Why is there a rope around the approach to the first green beacon081201715 and how long will that interfere with play? At the old driving range far boundary beacon081201725-2 the height of the landfill can be seen through the wire screen between the trees. So is this new bank of landfill to become a permanent feature, sown with grass seed instead of the clover and weeds in evidence on the new 9Hole course? Whatever it DOES become it will be a reminder of the appalling ruination of the Beacon Park Golf Course, not to mention the huge landfill income for which no public accountability applies. beacon08120177 [click all pics to enlarge].

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