Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 9, 2017

Aughton Parish Council Report

The Westlephants westlephants made an appearance tonight, followed soon after by Cllr Sam Currie, ex RN, who told me he was unimpressed with my recent article about him and led to my response about his contradictions in one Downholland Parish meeting. I then informed him his minder was inside and he scurried off .

There were only six APC members present, outnumbered by the public and the visiting borough councillors. Quickly on to public questions, when a resident spoke about a planning matter. Another resident and member of the Aughton Residents Group spoke about the Parrs Lane planning appeals, the forthcoming Appeal Hearing date for the WAINHOMES matter hearings will no longer be in February, as the date offered by the Court was not suitable to all parties, so alternative dates have been put to the Court by both parties and the Court will respond.

Crime and policing in Aughton was discussed at length, that Aughton and other local areas were targeted by burglars. The police had been to a number of crimes, there were 7 reported attempted burglaries, the police were out in force in marked cars and were patrolling and delivering leaflets on crime prevention. The formal notification of reported crimes, made at the Police and Communities Together Panel, which members of the public and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators cannot attend, consisted of 1 assault due to alcohol consumption, 2 Discovery vehicles, one stolen, parts from another one stolen, 6 domestic offences attended by police, 8 burglaries, 3 attempted burglaries, and one theft of BT equipment.

Neighbourhood Watch was a major source of concern, given the lack of support now available for it from police. In particular the Police and crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw was heavily criticised clivegrun. Those of us involved do not receive information that should enable far more help to reach NHW members, but the PCC wants more of our money.

The question of vehicle speeding arose. The APC was asked to fund a SPID for Long Lane, cost £4,000 from parish funds of circa £102,000, whereas Downholland parish was costing and considering in its draft budget including 2 SPIDs at £4,000+VAT from its meagre by comparison funds, now known to be only £18,326. Cllr Currie was asked to comment also on some proposed speeding option measures, now known to refer to Riding Lane. The APC chairman seemed to have no enthusiasm on spending on a SPID, referring to figures from Long Lane recording that it was unnecessary, but the APC budget meeting was in February. Waiting for a death or serious injury seems to be the yardstick!

As Cllr Currie  was leaving with his minder he leaned over to inform me and show me he was wearing green socks, not his apparently preferred red. Perhaps his feet are roughly the area his brain operates from, but I jest, of course! Will he ever be let out alone?

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