Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 5, 2017

Standing for County Council Elections

The local independent Our West Lancashire  party is asking if West Lancashire is forgotten and ignored at county level. We pay our huge amount of council tax, 72.5% of which is for county services. A Band D tax level is now £1,589, up from £1,537, a year on year increase of 3.39%. The county receives £1,152 and the borough only £186 from each household. The county also receives a further £22.60 from us for Adult Social Care. This year WLBC householders will fund the county with £39,969,865 and the Police and Crime Commission with £5,518,880.

As the OWLs say “So many local matters – roads, social care, parking matters, speeding, waste disposal are the responsibility of the county council in Preston.

“Do you feel that West Lancashire on the edge of the county is often forgotten or ignored? Would you be interested in standing and representing West Lancashire residents from your area at county hall and joining the established group of Independent county councillors owl?

“If so, please contact Adrian Owens on 01257 464813 or for an initial and completely confidential discussion by Monday 23rd January”.

Figures released by the county council to Our West Lancashire showed that West Lancashire’s roads are the worst in Lancashire. They called for West Lancashire to receive a greater proportion of the funds available to repair the Borough’s crumbling roads.

Another issue that might appeal to independent councillors is the sale of publicly owned libraries, mentioned already on this website. Information about the Fulwood library shows that property consultants HDAK fulwoodlibraryforsale475k have been instructed to list the building for sale, understood to be going on the market for more than £475,000.

Martin Ainsworth who is in charge of sales and lettings for the consultants said “I think they wanted to avoid any doubts. It is very much for sale, no lettings, no nothing, it’s for sale. I think we will get a lot of interest because of its location. Obviously parking and access will be the main issue but as we’ve seen with Costa moving nearby it’s something that can be overcome. I’ve just got the keys myself so will be having a good look around before it officially comes on the market in January”. He said the use of the building was classed as non-residential but they were particularly looking at a bar and restaurant use.

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