Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 4, 2017

West Lancs Courier

I came across “Your local community newsletter-Derby Ward Edition Autumn 2016″. Four pages, no less [click all to read]. Seems to be the town Labour Party newsletter but no mention of Labour once, unless my eyes deceive me, but Labour Cllr Phill Hudson may be its leading light?

Page 1 comnews1-001 headlines “Festival Success for Ormskirk”, the “Westhead Village Hall saved”, “Chapel Gallery works near completion” and “Westec site to be redeveloped”. And of course the Moor Street Gateway Project now supposedly offering a more attractive main entrance to the town.

Page 2 comnews2-001 reports on “A Successful Summer For Ormskirk” and includes Westhead Carnival, the Ormskirk Gingerbread Festival, and of course the Ormskirk Motorfest.

Page 3 comnews3-001 “Westhead Village Hall Saved By Community” and “Chapel Gallery Works Near Completion” as the arts centre will enhance its range of events.

Page 4 comnews4-001 “Affordable Housing For Abbotsford” is perhaps the most interesting news insofar as it will provide 26 family homes, of which 17 will be sold at market rate but only 9 offered as affordable to those eligible. Given the WLBC has agreed to invest £2million of our tax, surely the business case should be for 26 affordable homes or do land developers dictate the terms of this development?

All in all plenty of news for Derby ward residents, but hardly a “West Lancs” community newsletter and surprising to see the non-political OCP mentioned without a statement to that effect? Perhaps an Aughton wards edition will follow, or even, dare I mention it, a Hesketh-with-Becconsall ward edition too? Plenty to report on there!


  1. Subliminal Labour marketing, perhaps.

    • Yes, probably to target Westley in the forthcoming May LCC elections? He should be an easy target what with his disgusting accusations against Aughton residents of door to door lies while they were petitioning against the Parrs Lane developments.

    • Presumably subliminal because to mention Labour at the moment is toxic!

      • Subliminal meaning not recognising or understanding Labour by a conscious mind, but still having an influence on it? Could be any other party too?

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