Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 4, 2017

Ormskirk Community Partnership

Many readers will know how much effort goes into events to publicise Ormskirk. One major and successful annual event is the Motorfest motorfestwlbc, described by WLBC as a free event yet funded by council tax. I’ve often pondered the need for public tax to be used when, with major companies like Morrisons, W H Smith, Marks & Spencer, Boots, Spar, Wetherspoons, RBS, Barclays, Halifax, and even Merseyrail, all well established and making huge profits in Ormskirk, why isn’t the event sponsored by one or more of them?

I came across some minutes of the Ormskirk Community Partnership (OCP)  ocplogo and surprisingly M&S and Boots boots are mentioned as donors of gifts and prizes for competitions. OCP is the voluntary association established in 2009 as a “Voice for Ormskirk which seeks to involve local people in what goes on in our town – to give residents a chance to have their say. Its members are all local people who know they can make a difference”.

Its objectives are “To pursue proposals developed through the Ormskirk Market Town Initiative; to act as a charitable organisation to promote community events, activities and developments in Ormskirk”. Isn’t Motorfest a community event?

“OCP is non-party in politics and is non-sectarian in religion. The Partnership shall act without distinction of gender, disability, political, religious or other opinions, to work towards improving the conditions of life for inhabitants of Ormskirk. The Partnership shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion. The Partnership shall have the power to affiliate to organisations with similar charitable objects if so required.

“There shall be two classes of membership as follows: a) All those living in the town of Ormskirk (that is, in the Derby, Knowsley and Scott wards) shall be called Full Members, with rights to vote at all general meetings of the Partnership. Others, with an interest in Ormskirk, including those from voluntary and community groups or those who are employed or who own businesses in the town, may also be admitted as Full Members and b) Persons under the age of 16, living in the three wards of Ormskirk as specified above, may be admitted as Junior Members of the Partnership. Junior Members shall not have voting rights unless as agreed otherwise on specific issues as determined by the General Committee”.

The minutes I saw, published below, do show some personal political involvement without reference to party politics, with some local borough councillors as committee members. Nothing wrong with that, unless there are “donated” connections with the WLBC, as indeed there are with an advertising flyer provided by WLBC, and “free shopping bags with the new WLBC logo”. No doubt “Declaring an interest” comes to mind just to be on the safe side? ocp1-001 ocp2-001 [click to read]

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