Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 3, 2017

Sour Political Grapes?

In a remarkable rant from a Lancashire Conservative councillor about a Labour councillor, her “festive fracking message has received a frosty response”. The Leyland Guardian leyguard reports that Cllr Gail Hodson, who is bidding to become the Leyland South representative on Lancashire County Council next year, has been accused of Christmas time electioneering. West Lancashire Labour councillor Hodson is a campaigner against fracking. But South Ribble Conservative councillor Paul Wharton questioned in a tweet “Why is the Labour candidate for Leyland South delivering anti-frack leaflets with her “non-festive” card.” Councillor Wharton said “She’s been delivering Christmas cards with a picture of her on it. She’s been delivering them with anti-fracking leaflets and she’s got her address on as“. Christmas is a time of goodwill and for enjoyment of families and friends. I have no issue with any political party delivering Christmas cards and spreading festive cheer. However I feel delivering these with anti-fracking leaflets, and displaying a picture wearing an anti-fracking badge on the front of your card, is not in the spirit of what Christmas should be about. I certainly will not be using the Christmas period to force any political agenda” sourgrapes.

As regards fracking, Conservative councillor Wharton, who represents Farington East on South Ribble Council, said he was not against the controversial gas-drilling method. “Personally I haven’t got an issue with it” he said. “We need to be looking at more resources.” The Leyland South division on Lancashire County Council covers the Buckshaw, Worden, Seven Stars and St Ambrose districts.

Councillor Hodson, who represents Ashurt ward on West Lancashire Council and lives in Tarleton, said “I am delighted to have been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the Leyland South division at next year’s county Council elections.I have lived in South Ribble for the last 45 years and have campaigned hard for the people of South Ribble over the last three General Elections, as well as in local elections. I’m really looking forward to talking to as many residents as I can between now and May.I believe it is my duty to inform the people of Leyland and Lancashire at every opportunity about the impending threat from the fracking industry, of which I have kept myself very well informed over the last five years. This industry, with plans for thousands of wells across Lancashire, will have an enormous impact on everyones lives with huge risks to the environment, water and health. I would suggest that people do their own research to find out for themselves.”

Cllr Hodson also suffered from tweeting comments from South Ribble Borough Council Councillor Paul Wharton Political Group Conservative. Ward Farington East South Ribble

C/O Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH but home address is 18 Mill Street, Farington, Lancashire PR25 4QJ. Member of the Ribble Valley Conservative Association. Listed as member of South Ribble Council Standards Committee.

Wharton Tweet 27 December 2016 It appears @SRLabour candidate @Gayow55 is lost. Does she live in #SouthRibble or #WestLancashire? She claims to live in both! #OneFrackPony

Wharton Tweet 27 December 2016 [Re Pickles] Great news. Any ways to cut down on potential electoral fraud are welcomed by me.

Wharton Tweet 29 December 2016 Kettle and pot spring to kind. What kind of a rebuttal is “grow up Paul” full of deep thought and reasoned argument. Well done you

Wharton Tweet 29 December 2016 Remind me Gail on your council tax bill for the house you live in (not multiple properties you own) who is it paid to? I pay SRBC. moonmusic

All of which reminds us about the case of the squeaky clean [ahem] Cllr Moon, part time councillor on two full time allowances, 67% attendance record in West Lancashire. As Cllr Wharton says above…well done you!


  1. Give these local councillors a mobile phone and a Twitter account and they don’t half make fools of themselves.

    • I think perhaps many of them ARE fools, what they do with mobile phones and twitter accounts merely confirms it for the public?

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