Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 31, 2016

Councillor Vanity From The 2016 Intake?

“I am a councillor on Wyre council and have been a very effective one since 2003”…although I was stupid enough to attend a council meeting pre-armed with a false dog turd bag which I threw at a pensioner, good shot though, got her right in the chest!

“I do and will continue to represent the electorate to a very high standard on both councils”…although I can’t be in two places at once so you will have to share my talents (but not my two allowances) between you!

“I didn’t make the electors of Hesketh- with- Becconsall aware that I was a Wyre councillor when I stood for election in May and that I intended to continue to remain as one…why should I, this wasn’t a requirement of the election process, but anyway I am a firm believer in the mushroom method of communication and the electors of Hesketh-with-Becconsall seem happy enough to be kept in the dark” mushcrap.

“I do have a good moral compass” according to another Tory councillor who thinks I would resign if it seemed to cause me or them a problem…daft bugger!

“So I wore my underpants on my head at a Wyre Council meeting, so what, I thought it brought a new meaning to the phrase “he’s a dickhead” moon-underpants?

“OK, so I failed that intelligence test when someone mentioned me at the Wyre Standards Committee when I queried the meaning of “misogynistic” and how to pronounce it”…we can’t all be members of the brains trust, never mind be the Brain of Wyre!lepmoon3-001 [click to read]

“I was upset when Cllr Michael Green tweeted that “A 3rd of Leyland South is in my current division. The residents will not take kindly to #Labour putting forward a candidate from West Lancs!”…he just messed it up for me big time”.

“I was even more upset when Richard Stevens, @RichardLydiate said “all councillors and all MPs should come from within the area they represent. No proper democracy until that happens” and now I expect that bag of dog turd to get me back!”

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