Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 22, 2016

Christmas Can Bring Early Presents To Campaigners

The inveterate campaigners against Redrow Homes building  on Parrs Lane land in Aughton are looking back on a year ending on a high note, but with cautionary delight at the recent dismissal of the Redrow appeal to ruin the Parrs Lane prime agricultural land with housing development. The group issued this statement below.

“Aughton Residents Group – ARG(2012) were given an early Christmas present when REDROW’S redrowbrick Appeal relating to their plans to build some 250 homes on land at Parrs Lane Land Aughton was refused by a Government Planning Inspector on 9 December by way of his decision notice of some 25 pages.

Colin Atkinson, seen here addressing a packed public meeting,  colatspeaks spokesman for the Group summarised their reaction to the decision “We are delighted with the Inspector’s decision. He has chosen to dismiss this rogue Appeal from Redrow in favour of the already adopted Local Plan which he obviously considers to be sound at this point in time. We consider this decision a victory in a battle whilst the campaign continues but we have no doubt that Redrow will continue in their efforts to develop this land parrs400.

“The Wainhomes Appeal in relation to their plans to build up to 200 homes on land at Prescot Road and challenged by WLBC is still pending and according to the Planning Inspectorate is likely to be listed for a 1 or 2 day hearing probably in March 2017.

“Our Group have been closely following and resisting both of these proposed developments on prime agricultural land since April 2012, and will continue do so. We would like to thank all our supporters including former members of Keep Aughton Green (KAG) seen at the Council Office with a petition kagcounciloffice, together with Rosie Cooper rosieparrs our Local MP, WLBC, some Local Ward Councillors and the Aughton Parish Council all of whom have helped to raise the awareness of local residents and offered resistance to these proposed applications.

“We would especially like to thank Peter Richards and the WLBC Planning Team for their expertise and the professionalism they have demonstrated in fending off these rogue applications.

“The Redrow refusal tops off a mainly positive 18 months for the preservation of our semi-rural village environment in Aughton which has also seen moves to build solar farms and even a ‘retirement village’ on agricultural land, thwarted by ‘Localism’ with collective actions by Local Groups together with WLBC. We look forward to seeing the continuance of favourable decisions in 2017”.

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