Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 20, 2016

Being On Two Councils Brings Comparative Skills To Decisions?

In a remarkable claim made in the Blackpool Gazette blackgaz-001 our “two hatting on two councils Wyre and West Lancashire Cllr Paul Moon” stated “Being on both councils puts me in a unique position and allows me to compare the two and see how they are run differently and gives me the skills to make the right decision”.

This must be the reason why Moon voted FOR charges for green waste collections for Wyre and voted AGAINST charges for green waste in West Lancashire. And there was me thinking Moon was being hypocritical, and not being alone thinking it either.

Perhaps it also allows him to live in and compare the two homes he made official electoral declarations for on exactly the same day as in 10 Matterdale Road in Leyland for the South Ribble on 7 May 2015, and in 314 Park Lane in Preesall for the Wyre election also on 7 May 2015, a seat he already held!

There might be other election gems coming from Moon as his fame as a political chameleon spreads. The article in the Blackpool Gazette drew some tart and enlightened comments from the public. Moon was described as “What an arrogant greedy self serving pond life maggot”. Another said “I wonder where he lives and if he has voted to pay at his home. Maybe that’s what gives him the skills to make the right decision”. And a third opinion stated “The swamp needs cleaning out of Councillors like Paul Moon”.

“A local politician has rubbished calls for him to resign after he voted for new waste charges for one council and against them for another. On March 3, Councillor Paul Moon, who unusually sits on two borough councils, voted to introduce charges for green waste collection for Wyre Council. But only months later on, October 19, the Tory councillor voted against the charges in West Lancashire.

“The move sparked calls for him to resign from one of his posts but Mr Moon says he’s going nowhere. He said: “There was no problem with my decisions, there were different accounts and different circumstances. I made what I thought was the right decision for both areas at the time and if I could go back I wouldn’t change what I voted for. The councils are run differently and the people within them have different opinions on how the councils should operate. Being on both councils puts me in a unique position and allows me to compare the two and see how they are run differently and gives me the skills to make the right decision.” Moon represents Preesall ward for Wyre and Hesketh with Becconsall for West Lancashire.

“But West Lancashire councillor Adrian Owens plowens is calling for the immediate resignation of coun Moon, questioning his ability to represent residents effectively in both boroughs. In a series of public emails between the two councillors, Mr Moon reassured Mr Owens that he believes his effectiveness as a councillor has not been affected by his seats on both councils and that all legal frame work surrounding the position was checked prior to the election.

“Wyre Council confirmed this, with a spokesman saying “Coun Moon satisfies the relevant criteria to stand for election in two authorities and therefore he is entitled to represent constituents in two different local authorities”. Perhaps being as unique as Moon claims he is was considered relevant in Wyre? Or wearing underpants on his head in a council meeting?moon-underpants
Other less insulting comments published included “I get being on a borough council and a county council, but would someone please explain to me how you end up being on 2 borough councils? Surely, that has got to be a conflict of interests?”…”Did I read somewhere that he was on Preesall council with Campbell, Greenhough, Drobny and Hudson? Sounds like there are all taking the michael out of their respective electorates!”…”I’m sure some would represent multiple political parties at the same time if it meant they could claim additional sets of allowances. They’re all simply pigs feeding at the taxpayers’ trough and don’t care one iota for the local communities or the people they pretend to represent”…and “Saying it all along, Clowncillors are only in it for the money and prestige, time they were stopped being paid, only claiming bus fares or mileage to attend meetings, putting the interest of their local area first, BUT AGAIN SOMEBODY IS VOTING FOR THEM, EVERY-TIME”.


  1. Seems the residents of Wyre have a similar view of Moon as we do.

    • Yes, it is enlightening to see descriptions including “maggot” and “pond life” to someone taking two sets of allowances and claiming special skills to do it?

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